Grandchildren Are Curious Chefs



Having fun in the kitchen is a great activity to share with grandchildren.





Curious Chef sent me two of their food preparation for my grandson to try out. All opinions expressed regarding these products are my own.

Since I don’t get see my grandchildren very often, I want to make sure any time I spend with them is quality time. One of my 7 Grandparent Tips is to be present. In other words, actually plan age appropriate activities to do with the grandchildren and give them my full attention while we are “playing.”

One of my favorite activities with my oldest grandson is baking in the kitchen.Jack baking

So when Curious Chef® approached me to try some of their products, I did not hesitate.

Curious Chef® is a company that believes that teaching children to cook helps build a foundation for many essential life skills. Learning to cook helps kids build self-esteem, develop healthy eating habits, learn basic math skills and develops their growing vocabulary. Additionally, cooking with children fosters stronger relationships with family and friends and helps cultivate the all-important skills of listening to, and following, directions. Curious Chef® inspires the love of cooking in kids by providing fun, safe, easy-to-use and appropriately sized kitchen tools for children ages four and older.

Source: Curious Chef

Curious Chef® let me choose two kitchen sets to try out with my grandson.  I picked their Cupcake Set Gift Bundle (because my grandson was having his birthday and I thought it would be fun for him to help make his birthday cupcakes) and the Veggie Prep Bundle (because my grandson isn’t a fan of vegetables (what 5 year old is?) and I thought if he helped prepare the veggies for meals, he would be more interested in eating them.

When they arrived, I was impressed that they were dishwasher safe and BPA free.

The baking kit came with a frosting gun with 5 different tips and silicone cupcake liners.cupcake bundle - Curious Chef

The veggie one had a grater, a serrated knife and a vegetable scrub brush.veggieprepholidayset

The quality of the sets was actually pretty great. They were a little flimsier than regular kitchen tools but they still performed well (the grater really could peel the carrots, etc.) without being too sharp for grandchildren’s fingers.

My grandson LOVED chopping his own veggies and peeling carrots.curious-chef-chopping-veggies

He was much more enthusiastic about eating his carrots. He even told his two year old brother, “Did you know I’M the one who cut those carrots for us?”curious-chef-chopping-veggies2

The frosting gun was super easy to use and my grandson got the hang of it quickly. A great feature is that the different tips are interchangeable and so very simple to switch. Two thumbs up!jack4

There is a big variety of great baking and cooking tools available on the Curious Chef® web site – lots to keep young grandchildren safe and interested in the kitchen. And their prices are reasonable. Both of the sets I got were priced at $9.99.  Any of their products would make terrific grandchildren gifts!!

My grandson and I were really glad Curious Chef® approached us to try their products. We will definitely be looking forward to more quality grandchildren time in the kitchen!!