10 Tips To Stay Healthy In #Just10 Minutes

Healthy Habits

Can you spare 10 minutes a day to stay healthy?





What is your motivation to stay healthy?

Right now, I have three:New Grandparent picture

These boys need a Grammie who doesn’t have limitations; a Grammie that can be a part of their adventures—not a bystander.FullSizeRender (82)


FullSizeRender (81)





If I can stay healthy, I will be able to be the kind of active participant my grandsons need in their growing lives. Heck, if I can stay healthy, it will keep me being an active participant in my own life.

To stay healthy doesn’t mean spending a lot of extra money or a lot of extra time.  In fact, by just spending 10 minutes a day focused on an activity for a healthy body, mind, or spirit, can help lower health risks like diabetes and heart disease; improve brain function; reduce depression; get better sleep; and promote an overall feeling of well-being (BYU Magazine).

What are the some of the ways I spend #Just10 minutes a day to stay healthy?Walmart

  1. Walk (my favorite)
  2. Lift hand weights
  3. Solve a puzzle
  4. Balance on each foot
  5. Drink a green smoothie
  6. Read a book
  7. Do jumping jacks
  8. Give service
  9. Eat a fruit or vegetable
  10.  Jog in place

WalMart knows the benefits of taking #Just10 minutes a day to stay healthy. That’s why they are hosting America’s Biggest Health Fair on Saturday, October 10, 2015 to promote healthy lifestyles. WalMart already carries everything needed to succeed with my 10 Tips and on October 10th, they will be sharing even more great ways to get and stay healthy in just 10 minutes.

Join in the fun of America’s Biggest Health Fair at WalMart. Find out how #Just10 minutes can make a difference for you to stay healthy. And while you are there, take your picture with #just10 #WMT and post it to Instagram to motivate your friends too.

Isn’t taking 10 minutes a day worth the effort to stay healthy for a lifetime? It is for me!!

How will you be spending #Just10 minutes to stay healthy?