Get Healthy – Stay Healthy #6: Discover DIY Aloe Vera

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I have been a fan of aloe vera since the 1980’s when my niece Pauline had a mirror fall on her and cut her. Her mom (my sister-in-law) put aloe vera immediately on the cuts. Because of her quick action, the cuts healed quickly and didn’t leave any scars.

Fast forward to the 90’s when we became a boating family. Being on the water all the time, sunburns were inevitable. It was slathering on aloe vera that cooled our burns and helped our skin to heal without blistering or

What is aloe vera? Aloe Vera is a succulent plant that has medicinal benefits that are rejuvenating, healing, and soothing. Prevention Magazine lists 11 things you can use aloe vera for:

  1. A miracle skin saver
  2. Makeup remover
  3. Shaving cream
  4. Soothing ice cube
  5. Face wash
  6. An exfoliator
  7. For bad breath
  8. Night treatment
  9. Eyebrow gel
  10. Dry, cracked feet
  11. Hand sanitizer

It is also safe to be ingested. When taken orally, it can help with ailments that creep up with age:  constipation, digestive issues, regulate blood sugars, detoxify the body and colon, help with weight loss, improve circulation, regulate blood pressure, retard the growth of cancerous tumors, reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system.

It is a gooey gel and is easier to use as a liquid when taken internally. I recently started adding it to my green smoothies for a more healthy drink.

How to cut down on the cost so that you can reap all the benefits of aloe vera?  Get the gel out yourself from the aloe vera leaf.

Leaves can be purchased for as little as a dollar at Hispanic markets or health food stores.

Simply slice the leaf down the center to expose the gel and scoop it out, being careful of the thorns.683

Aloe vera gel will last 3-5 days in the fridge or up to 6 months in the freezer. I choose to keep mine in the freezer. When I need to use some, I just defrost it in the microwave. That way, I always have fresh aloe vera available.

#6: Get and Stay Healthy: Discover DIY Aloe Vera

You might be familiar with its healing properties with skin but did you know taken internally, it helps your inner health as well? It’s easy and inexpensive to have the gel from this versatile succulent plant always on hand.