My First Uber Experience


I have heard a lot about Uber lately, especially by my favorite talk show radio host, Hugh Hewitt. I was curious to see how Uber really worked and wanted to give it a try. So I made an opportunity happen in June when I went to Denver to attend FitBloggin15.

In case you aren’t familiar with Uber, Uber is a service that seamlessly connects passengers with drivers using the Uber App. Uber began in 2009 and is found in cities worldwide, opening up more possibilities for riders and more business for drivers. I looked at it as a more personalized taxi service as the Uber App allows you to choose the type of vehicle and service to take you to your

Knowing that I would be using Uber, I uploaded the app before I left home. After my plane had landed at Denver International Airport and I had gotten my bags, I arranged to have an Uber driver pick me up by using my cell phone and the Uber App. As soon as I put in my route (DIA to downtown Denver), a potential driver called my cell to confirm my request. Because Uber drivers do not have a commercial driving license, my driver had to pick me up on a lower level than where the usual taxi and shuttle services find their customers.  It took my driver less than two minutes to find me. Impressive.147

All Uber drivers are independent contractors who use their own vehicle for the service. I knew from listening to Hugh Hewitt’s program that part of the charm of Uber is talking with your driver during your ride. My driver’s name was Habe. He was originally from Ethiopia and has been driving for Uber for over a year. Habe likes working for Uber (he was a taxi driver before joining Uber) and especially likes that he sets his own hours. He also said that he “meets so many nice people and gets lots of advice.” Habe has noticed how popular Uber is becoming which is good for him and the other drivers because they have more work.144

Habe’s car was spotless and provided a comfortable ride in to the city. Because Denver is known for its traffic, Habe made use of another app – Wazzup! – to keep track of the traffic and find the best route to my destination. Such a techy ride!!145

Besides the promptness of the Uber service, the other part I liked was that no money is exchanged between you and the driver. You put in your credit card information when you set up the app so the payment information is on file when you set up your ride. You know ahead of time how much the charge will be so there are no surprises. Also, you do not tip the driver. When you get to your final destination, the driver clocks out your ride and that is that. A receipt is sent to your email.  A totally cashless transaction.

It felt good being a part of a relatively new venture. I will totally use Uber again in the future and I hope you will too. To help you get started with your first ride, Uber gave me this code for my readers:  CarrynP   When you use the code, you will save up to $20 on your first ride and I will get credit too.

All in all, my first Uber experience was a winner!!