Waffle Iron Cooking



Waffle Irons aren’t just for waffles!!



We love our waffle iron. Sunday morning brunches, weekday “breakfast for dinner” nights – our waffle iron gets a lot of use. For waffles.

Then I read you can use a waffle iron for other tasty food items. So we decided to give it a try.


First, we sprayed the waffle iron with no stick spray. Then, my husband whipped a few eggs  added a little milk, and poured on to the heated waffle iron. Before putting the lid down, he sprinkled some chopped veggies.599

After about 5 minutes, we had a delicious waffle iron omelette for breakfast.


I made up a batch of Ghiradelli brownie mix and spooned it on the waffle iron.602

This attempt was a bit more tricky than the omelettes because it was hard to tell when they were done. I started with 4 minutes but they seemed too gooey. So I left them for 2 minutes more and they were still gooey. I kept checking them for 2 minute intervals until 10 minutes when the outsides looked crispy.603

I took them out of the waffle iron and put them on a plate to cool. I was going to serve them with ice cream for dessert. But by the time I got the ice cream out and scooped it on top of the waffles, they had hardened. The ice cream softened them a bit but they were pretty crispy. Next time, I will leave them in for half the time, even though they looked gooey.

It’s fun discovering multiple uses for a kitchen appliance. Have you used a kitchen appliance for something other than its intended use?