Friday Feature: Fabulous Facial



Some me time…and meeting two women have found lasting value in a second career.





There are certain routines I follow each year around my birthday. I display birthday cards on my fireplace mantel. I go out to lunch with fabulous friends. My husband takes me to Arizona to visit my parents. I get a physical exam. And I give myself some R&R – a special treat just for me. In the past, this has included a full body massage, a chiropractic adjustment, and even a mani-pedi with all the extras. But this year I did something different: I got a facial.

My husband actually wanted the facial first. He works outside a lot with his business and he has noticed that his face has taken a beating lately. Since I had no clue where to go to get a facial, I asked a friend for her facial recommendation. She told me about facelogic and said they sometimes offer a Groupon for their services. Sure enough, the local facelogic was running a special, so I snagged up two Groupons; one for my husband and one for me.

My husband made an appointment right away and really liked the experience. I went a week later and not knowing what to expect (you know husbands – they don’t share all the details), I decided to go in with eyes wide open.076

When I entered the store, I was greeted by the owner, Candace.087

Previous to joining with facelogic, Candace had owned a Curves franchise. Candace has been with facelogic for 10 years. She explained how the three women who founded facelogic created the concept of providing a pure pleasure, pure luxury, purely affordable essential skincare and spa.   Another feature of facelogic that sets this company apart is the chairs they use. Apparently in other similar establishments where you go to get facial treatments, you lie down on a bed or sit straight up in a chair. With facelogic, they use a Zero Gravity Chair by Human Touch. This special chair has been designed to take the pressure off the back, butt, and legs when getting a facial.

Since I had never been before, Candace assigned a consultant to me. Tracy was friendly and welcoming. She asked questions about my skincare regime and what I was looking for in my facial that day. She showed me to the restroom and told me to remove my clothing from the waist up, giving me a terry cloth covering to slip on over my bare skin.077

She also gave me a bag to put all my jewelry in while I was receiving the facial.079

I couldn’t help but notice this sign in the restroom:078

I could totally relate to its message. Hopefully this facial experience was going to relieve a lot of tension!!

In the facial room, there are 6 chairs. Tracy led me to her facial area. The room was quiet and dark and I hardly noticed that the other 5 chairs in the room that were filled with other clients. I was impressed with the cleanliness of the work station area and sat down in the very comfortable Zero Gravity Chair.  082

Throughout the hour long facial, Tracy would tell me what procedures she was doing, how my skin was reacting to the procedures, and gave me tips for skincare along the way. I learned that

having oily skin is the best kind of skin to have when you age because it supplies all the natural… Click To Tweet

Lucky for me, I have oily skin!! Tracy warned me to be careful not to use products or routines that would dry out my skin. Apparently, I had been cleansing my skin too often; morning and night. She recommended just cleansing at night using a cleansing cream, then a toner, and finally a night time cream to moisturize. In the morning, Tracy recommended just splashing some water on my face to refresh it before using a day cream/sunblock on my face.

As Tracy was giving me my facial, I learned that being a skincare consultant is her second career. Prior to certifying 8 years ago as a skincare consultant, Tracy had been a manager for Claim Jumper restaurants.  As her children grew and moved out, Tracy wanted to do “something of value the rest of my life.” She is totally pleased with her career choice and in my opinion, has a real gift for giving facials.086The hour for the facial went by quickly. When Tracy was done with my facial, I truly felt rejuvenated and relaxed. After I dressed, Tracy went over her recommendations, showing me some of the facelogic skincare product line which is organic and made from natural ingredients. I felt no pressure to purchase especially since I had just restocked all my basic skincare products. But she gave me some ideas to consider for the future.

Will I go back? You bet!! And I won’t be waiting until my next birthday either!!

What do you do special to treat yourself?