DIY Bridal Shower Tea Party

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This tea party idea is perfect for a bridal shower, a baby shower, or even an intimate luncheon with friends.





When my two daughters were married, I was so grateful to the friends who stepped up and offered to give both girls a bridal shower. So, when I hear of daughters of my friends getting married, I try to make sure those girls (and their special moms) are being honored properly for their upcoming wedding.

Giving a bridal shower is a lot of fun — especially when you have a team working together. Recently, I helped give a bridal shower for one of my youngest daughter’s friends from junior and senior high school. She and my daughter (along with a few other girls) were all involved in the same Girl Scout troop for 8 years!! Most of them received the highest award that Girl Scouts recognizes: a Gold Award. It was easy to put together a team to put on this shower: girls and women associated from the Girl Scout days. Five of us worked together, splitting up the duties so that no one was over-burdened.bridal-shower-to-do-list-1

The planning started with choosing a date and time that everyone’s schedules could agree on. That can be the trickiest part!!

Next, we chose our location and theme. One of our team volunteered her home. She had recently moved in to a brand new house and we were all excited to see it. There was plenty of room for seating and eating for the bridal shower.  The bride-to-be loves to travel so we used that as our overall bridal shower theme.

It took a week or so for the bride-to-be’s mother to get us a guest list for the bridal shower. Since the honoree has not lived in the area for awhile,  we encouraged her mom to not only include her daughter’s friends and relatives but the mother-of-the-bride’s friends as well.

One of our team was not available for the date we eventually chose. She was still able to be involved with the bridal shower by taking an assignment that she could do before the event: invitations. You can buy generic bridal shower invitations at a store that carries stationary like Hallmark or Walmart. You can also customize bridal shower invitations with your own design using Costco or Party City, which is what she chose. They were ready in 3 days.DIY Bridal Shower Invitations

For our menu, we decided to have an old fashioned tea party, dividing the food assignments between the four of us who would be at the event. We served four types of tea sandwiches, salad, and fruit. Because it was almost 100 degrees outside, we opted out of serving tea for the beverage. Instead we had lemon water and a slush punch. For dessert, we served creme puffs and sugar cookies.

My assignment was to make two types of tea sandwiches, the creme puffs, and the slush punch. I looked on Pinterest to find new and different tea sandwich recipes: Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Tea Sandwiches from Oh How Civilized and Smoked Turkey and Cranberry Cream Sandwiches from Tea Time. They were a big hit.DIY Bridal Shower Tea Party Sandwiches

My cream puff recipe (which I have featured on The Mid Life Guru) is both easy to make and elegant to serve.

Our family punch slush recipe is really different; the almond and vanilla flavoring is the key.DiY Bridal Shower Tea Party Theme

Decorations were along the travel theme. There were destination signs, an old suitcase, and travel

We played two games between eating lunch and dessert. One was a get to know the bride and groom game called “He Said, She Said.” For the other game, the bride was presented a tote bag filled with 18 travel size items that she will need on her honeymoon. Things like band-aids, hair ties, a magazine, lip gloss, sunscreen, etc. The bride-to-be pulled out each one and then returned it to the bag. the guests then had 10 minutes to recall the items. The person with the most correct answers won a prize.

Each guest received a party favor: a decorated little bag filled with candy from all over the world.DIY Bridal Shower Party Favors

Sharing the assignments for giving a bridal shower allows the event to run smoothly and not cause an undue burden on anyone. Everyone can enjoy the party and best of all, be a special part of a bride-to-be’s special time in her life.