DIY: Homemade Valentines Day Cards




Why pay a ton of money for your Valentines Day cards? Making them yourself is fun, creative, and so appreciated.



Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that I like to keep tradition. I wear a Valentines Day pin that my mom gave me when I was in the second grade.Valentine5

I make Valentine cookies to share with family and friends.Valentine4

And I send out Valentines Day cards. I don’t mind that Valentines Day cards are old fashioned. I don’t even mind that postage has gone up to send them. It is all worth the effort to send a Valentine’s Day wish to family and friends to let them know how important they are to me.

I have mostly relied on store bought Valentines Day cards. They are quick to buy and send. Then, a couple of years ago, my daughter who has a stationery blog, started a homemade Valentines Day card swap. All participants make 3 or 4 handmade Valentines Day cards and  share them with the 3 or 4 other people in their swap group.

My rule in making the cards has always been to use as much as possible, supplies I already have on hand around the house that has been stored after years of crafting with children. I have been pretty successful in sticking to that rule and have gotten very creative in my own right (no Pinterest peaking).

2013 Valentine's Day Homemade Card swap

2013 Valentines Day Homemade Card swap

2014 Valentine's Day Homemade Card Swap

2014 Valentines Day Homemade Card Swap

This year I decided to switch to red as the main color, so I had to buy a red stamp pad to print my message as well as purchase a couple of pieces of red themed scrapbook paper. They were both on sale at Hobby Lobby, so I didn’t have to expand much time or money in adding these supplies. I had the ribbon and glue on hand. This is what I came up with:Valentine

What is even more fun is seeing this Valentines Day card tradition carry on with the next generation. My 5 year old grandson wanted to make me a Valentines Day card. He knows that I like mice, so he wanted to draw a mouse on my card. One thing though: he didn’t know how to draw a mouse. So what did he do? His mom steered him to a You Tube video on how to draw mice!! (Of course). He watched it a couple times, practiced a few times, and wa-la: this is what I got in the mail:Valentine3

His younger brother added the stickers. I’ve been wearing a smile on my face ever since I got this homemade Valentine’s Day card in the mail. It is definitely a keeper and just might still be up on my mantle long after Valentine’s Day is over.

I hope you fill your friends’ and family’s mailbox with homemade Valentines Day cards!!