5 Tips To Stay Well This Flu Season

Healthy Habits


Staying healthy begins with what is in your head.



It’s never convenient to be sick, especially with the holidays fast approaching. Now is especially the time to do all that you can to avoid getting sick and stay well.Sick woman

I heard Author, Speaker, Consultant Jamie Vollmer, present Five ‘S’ Tips that when followed, can improve your immunity and help you stay well by addressing your state of mind.  When you are in a negative frame of mind (getting upset with your husband or your kids; yelling at the rude driver in front of you; worried about your bills; etc.), you are compromising your immune system, making you more susceptible to germs and sickness. Research has shown that when you are thinking and acting in a positive manner, your immune system is fortified and more efficient in fighting off illness. thus, you stay well.Five -S- Tips

Stop your negative thoughts and words immediately.
Shift your attention from a negative way of looking at the situation to a positive one.
Share something positive instead.  Remember a good turn your husband or kids did for you; focus on the roadway and the sites instead of that pesky driver; think about all you have; plan to pay down your debt.
Sustain your efforts.  When the automatic tendency to go to the dark side hits you, remember your commitment to be healthy and stay well. Run to the positive side first.
Start NOW!!!  Don’t wait for a possible negative situation to arise. Begin now looking at the positive side of any circumstance.  Verbally share your thanks and appreciation at every turn.  By getting in this habit, it will be a lot easier to not get wrapped up in negativity the next time you find yourself in a trying situation.