Get Healthy – Stay Healthy #21: Get Moving

Healthy Habits


So what is my final healthy living tip for my month long focus on how to be and stay healthy?

It’s to maintain a mindset of the importance of life long exercising and to just GET MOVING.

Joining a gym; taking a class; finishing a race – these are all great fitness goals. But even better is to just look for ways in your every day, regular routine to add a little extra exercise and get moving.

Park farther away

Choose the stairs over the elevator

Squat and lift the laundry basket

Stand on one foot while waiting in line at the grocery store

Even when you are relaxing by the pool during the dog days of summer, you can get moving. Things I’ve learned in my water aerobics class that I can do any time to get moving:

Kick above the waterWater Aerobics1

Milk jugs make great arm weightsWater Aerobics3

Kids’ noodles can help keep you afloat so you can kick under the waterWater Aerobics2

I found these other great tips on how to get moving in a pool from Spry Living:Water Aerobics4

You can find ways to get moving with everything you do.

#21: Be Healthy and Stay Healthy: Get Moving

No matter the season: Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall; Staying Young or Getting Older — it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are going just as long as you get moving. After all, any kind of movement is better than the alternative: not moving at all!!