DIY Valentine Swap



It’s that time of year again for The Stationery Place’s Valentine Swap. What clever idea did I come up with this year to share love and cheer with complete strangers?




I adore the tradition of sending Valentines so it is a no-brainer to participate in this annual event. This is my fourth year  of coming up with a clever idea to share. I will admit that I always feel a tad amount of stress with this activity. After all, I am pitting my minimal creative juice  against some pretty savvy DIY Divas.

This year, my inspiration came from a PIN I had attached to my Gift Ideas Board on my Pinterest account over a year ago.Celtic Knot on Pinterest

***Note: It is always a good idea to take inventory of what you have pinned. After all, at one point in time, you thought whatever caught your eye was pretty nifty or else you wouldn’t have made a PIN of it.  I am always surprised when I go back and see what I actually put up there. Good stuff.

I was intrigued with this craft because, a) it was cute, and b) I loved the whole Celtic Heart  idea. I first became aware of Celtic Love Knots when I saw Daniel Craig’s first James Bond  movie, Casino Royale.  A Celtic Love Knot plays an important part in the film. Remember?  If you don’t, a Celtic Love Knot is often found in jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces. It represents a heart knot that apparently has no beginning or end. In ancient Celtic custom, the heart of the heart knot is drawn within a spiral of lines, when two people form a connection. It also represents the joining of two souls that will love one another for eternity.

I figured this craft would be easy enough to re-create. I did knots with Girl Scouts in the 60’s and made macrame belts in the 70’s so I had some experience. But this PIN came from a Japanese pinner — not that the language mattered. But the directions were Japanese-ish  (right to left) so that was a bit trickier than I bargained for.  After quite a few very frustrating, unsuccessful tries, I gave up and turned to You Tube. It still took me eight or nine times of following along to get the hang of it. Finally, it clicked and I ended up making seven, dual-colored Celtic Heart bracelets


Now for the Valentine. I attached the bracelets to  the  front of a card. Underneath the heart I wrote: To Be or Knot To Be….That is the Question Valentine.Valentine Swap 2014

On the back, I secured the bracelet strings, covering them with the Celtic Heart explanation and signed my name. Wa La. Back of 2014 Valentine

Pretty cute if I say so myself. I will be mailing them to lucky recipients in Texas, Alaska, Utah, and Northern California. I hope they like them!!!


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